The Superman-Tim Club Card: Membership Has Its Rewards

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 22, 2009 in Comic Books |

Superman-Tim Membership Card Front

Superman-Tim Club Pin

Superman-Tim Club Pin

For comic book fanboys this is THE Platinum Card! In 1942 Tim Publications created an official Superman fan club for younger boys (older boys got a Gene Autry club) which featured a 6″ x 9″ sized now hard to find monthly comic book. The books were mainly produced to sell the Tim clothing line, but they also had the second benefit of teaching character building lessons while entertaining the kids. Club membership also included a (you guessed it) membership card and a pin. Since the club existed during part the World war II era Tim would also give kids useful tips on war related things like killing your enemy. Sadly the club only lasted for about eight years, so today anything associated with the club is very rare and hard to find.

Superman-Tim Membership Card Back

If you’d like a closer look at that secret code here it is — just remember that small dots show the end of words:

Superman-Tim Membership Card - Secret Code for Official Club Members Only

Here’s the cover of a typical Christmas issue, from time-to-time you can find these goodies on eBay or at a comic book show:

Superman-Time Store Christmas Issue

This is a 4th of July issue, the great thing about being Tim is that you get to hang out with Superman all year (click to see the cover full size):

Superman-Tim 4th of July Issue

And here is a rare Five Dollar Redback which could be redeemed at Tim Stores for (in most cases) a penny:

Superman-Tim Coupon

Special thanks to Dan Goodsell for finding that secret club card! Make sure to visit his World of Mr Toast and support his cool Etsy shop…

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