40 Years Ago Today: Apollo 10 Flies Within 8.4 Nautical Miles of the Moon

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 22, 2009 in Science |

Apollo 10 northwestward view of Triesnecker crater

On this day in 1969 the fourth manned Apollo mission set a record in terms of getting as close as possible to the surface of the moon. Comic fanboys should note that the mission used the callsigns of the Peanuts characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy, who became unofficial mascots of Apollo 10. In fact Charles Schulz even drew some artwork for the mission. So when you look back at photos from this 1969 endeavor every so often you’ll spot a Snoopy or a Charlie Brown hanging around:

Replicas of Snoopy and Charlie Brown decorate top of console in MCC

Here’s Astronaut Thomas Stafford paling around with his Snoopy:

Astronaut Thomas Stafford and Snoopy

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