Citizen Mickeleh Speaks Well of Welles

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 1, 2009 in Cinema |

A few months ago I was shocked that a high school student had never seen the classic film Citizen Kane! So I started a short lived campaign to build awareness of our national shame, and a few bloggers took up my lost cause. Now one of my favorite podcast personalities Michael Markman has taken up the gauntlet and given his interesting take on the topic.

Now I take what Michael Markman says quite seriously because he’s got the track record to back it up — he’s a veteran of Apple (he ran their advertising and creative services), has two Emmy Awards and his past includes stand up comedy and professional radio experience. So his take away points are:

• It’s a bad idea to force High School students to watch it, because folks need to discover it.

• The movie is a hoot, it’s not stuff — it’s about having fun.

• The film isn’t about American history at all but really about Orson Welles having fun making a film!

• The film features some amazing sound design due to his radio background.

• The film is also about the folks who Welles picked to make the film with, from the script to the cinematography.

By the way it should be noted that Mickeleh’s fashion sense from the 60s would still work well today in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (although we’d have to see his footwear from the era to be 100% certain). Although I’m not sure if I can say the same for Orson Welles:

Orson Welles (C) rehearsing dance routine during rehearsal for movie Citizen Kane. 1940 photo by Peter Stackpole

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