Uncanny Compassion: X-Men Fan Artists Helping to Heal Hemophilia

Posted by John Martone on May 27, 2009 in Comic Books |

kitty pryde fanart by Aleks Sennwald

It strikes me as amusing that Kitty Pryde, the girl who can’t be touched, is being used to touch all of our hearts. I’d complain, but she phased through the soft spot of my soul years ago. In Full of Pryde over 70 artists created new fanart of Kitty Pryde as a part of a fundraiser for the Oregon Hemophilia Treatment Center. Shown above is a purrfect illustration by Aleks Sennwald and below are just a few highlights from the show:

Kitty Pryde Fan art by Neely

Tom Neely’s entry reminds one of Little Lulu meets Alien.

kitty pryde fan art by jonathan way$hak

Jonathan Way$hak’s draftsmanship and sense of humor can be seen in this delicious entry.

kitty pryde fanart by hyendo park

Hyeondo Park introduces a manga like feeling to Kitty Pryde.

kitty pryde fanart by ulises farinas

Ulises Farinas brings Kitty downtown with a hipster sensibility.

As you can see this event was part showcase, part auction, and yet I know I’d be buying the art for selfish reasons. Somehow I don’t believe that other fanart charities would be near as endearing: The first thing to pop into my head would be Wolverine’s Caring Claws and Iron Man’s Stark Differences. Oh, though maybe Nightcrawler’s Kurt Affection could work!

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