My Five Favorite Videogame Bargains Rescued from the Used Bin

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Go buy bargain games!

Times are hard, and this recessions effects us all. However, we cannot let this economic crisis beat us. People will tell you that “gaming” is just a habit that they can not continue to support, that they should just “grow up.” Well, that’s inaccurate, and those people are capitalism hating fascists. This isn’t to say you cannot get your digital jollies and save a few dollars. Today I’m here to help the destitute gamers amongst you find great entertaining games at a fraction of the cost. To this endeavor, I went to my local gamestop:

Mass Effect Box Art

Title: Mass Effect
Xbox 360
Genre: 3rd person RPG Space Epic
Price Tag: $14.99 (used) $19.99 (new)

The reason you should buy it: Now this is just a bang for your buck ratio. The internet has had several things to say about Mass Effect, like how the game is “Too wordy” or “Too complicated,” well the words I’d choose would be “Too much stuff to do.” Yes, this game is super, duper long. The game has its issues, mostly with the redundant textures and places that populate the hundred or so planets you can go to, but its still work checking out.

In game mass effect

Summary: A flawed game, but only because they tried to do too much, instead of too little.  If you’re looking for a cheap game to give you countless hours of mind numbing play, you can’t go wrong with Mass Effect.

Stranglehold Box Art

Title: Stranglehold (collectors edition)
System: PS3
Genre: Over the top third person action
Price Tag: $17.99/19.99

The reason you should buy it: On the PS3 collector’s edition (which retails at the same price) the game comes with a Blu-Ray movie built onto the disc. The game itself is a spiritual sequel to John Woo’s Hard Boiled, so the just plain included the movie on the disc. Granted, there are other systems that the game came out on, but this one comes with a movie, but how economical is that?

Stranglehold in game

Summary: While flawed, you shoot stuff in overly dramatic ways, just like John Woo! Plus it comes with a HD movie, which helps justify the purchase to a significant other.

Geometry Wars Galaxies

Title: Geometry Wars: Galaxies
System: Wii/DS
Genre: Addictive ship shooter
Price Tag: $17.99/$14.99 (used) $19.99 (new)

The reason you should buy it: Most people are probably familiar with the XBLA version, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, as it marks the single best use of Microsoft points, ever. The game follows a simple, arcade like top down shooter, then adds music and visuals so popping your heart will beat in tandem.

Geometry Wars ingame

Summary: If you own a 360, and don’t own Retro Evolved 1 or 2, go buy that (at $5.00 or $10.00.) If you don’t own an 360, but own a Wii, buy the Wii version of Galaxies. If you are so unfortunate to have neither an 360 or a Wii, but own a DS, know that you are settling, but there are worse things to settle for.

Soul Nomad

Title: Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
System: PS2
Genre: Team Strategy RPG
Price Tag: $19.99 (used) $29.99 (new)

The reason you should buy it: Disgaea. If that name means something positive to you, then you should run out to the store and buy this gem today. The SRPG genre thrives on games that give off a sensation of fun and excitement, not just mind numbing difficulty. In Soul Nomad, your protagonist is charged with saving everyone from the World Eaters, a task doable since your master traps an incredibly evil demon inside you.

Where the game becomes novel and hilarious is that the plot is campy, yet your evil demon realizes this. He constantly berates your childhood friend, attempts to enslave your peers, and offers you unbridled power if just give over your body. Its true, at one point you can give in, and he’ll instantly level you to 2000 to finish the battle, but then the game “ends” afterward.

Soul Nomad ingame

Summary: Like the other games by these developers, Soul Nomad is packed to the bring with SRPG goodness and content. I won’t ruin it, but there is some wonderful re-playability in this game.

Castlevania X box art

Title: Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
System: PSP
Genre: 2d dungeon crawler
Price Tag: $17.99 (used)

The reason you should buy it: Two dimensional Castlevania is where its at, and everyone knows it. This PSP game includes a modified/expanded port of Rondo of Blood, which was never released stateside. Featuring the noble Richter Belmont, this is the Castlevania that leads into the infamous Symphony of the Night. Speaking of which, the game even includes Symphony of the Night on disc. Go buy it.

Castlevania X in game

Summary: While there are many cheap thrills on the PSP, no other includes classic Castlevania action, brought into beautiful 3d renders. Plus, check ebay and see how much Symphony of the Night alone will set you back.

John Martone is Texas based writer bent on creating odd plays. When not doing that he disassembles plot lines for the enjoyment of the internet.

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