The Perhapanauts: Don’t Doubt That It’s Potentially Darn Good

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 27, 2009 in Comic Books |

The Perhapanauts #6 - Cover

I’m just not sure how I overlooked The Perhapanauts which is published by Image, shown above is issue #6 which just came out. I have no clue why an issue that comes out in June has a Halloween theme, but that doesn’t matter — what does matter is that this book looks great inside and out. Most publishers pull the bait-and-switch cover routine, but I have to say that the draftsmanship and character designs within this book are A+.

Credit for the artwork goes to the team of Craig Rousseau (the leading artist), Jason Armstrong, Jamar Nicholas and Matt Pott. There’s something very whimsical and graceful about the art in this book helped along with an almost pastel palette. And the story by Todd Dezago isn’t the usual superheroes battling to the next issue, instead we see touching conversations between giant oafs and leading ladies. I really like why I see here:

The Perhapanauts #6 - Page 1

The Perhapanauts #6 - Page 2

The Perhapanauts #6 - Page 4

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