Yatterman Themed Stop Motion Origami Battles Promote Toshiba

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 17, 2009 in Animation |

Toshiba is sponsoring an interesting series of Yatterman themed animated viral videos on YouTube which feature origami stop motion animation. Each episode of the series feature two two origami that engage in a videogame like battle. Shown above is Toushibakenmeka Dial vs. Queen, below that is Kosumiomeka vs. Densanda, and the third animation is Reizoukomeka vs. Bejitanku:

Here’s a screen shot from the stop motion origami battles page which includes videos that give you instructions on how to create each origami character yourself:

ORIGAMI stop motion animation

And here are some cute looking Yatterman screens shots from the website:

Toshiba Yatterman Promotion

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