Sherlock Holmes: Now Improved with Vampires!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 17, 2009 in Cinema, Pulp Fiction |

This is the second trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick — normally I’d slag the mere notion of having to improve Holmes through cheap plot mechanisms like vampires (why not go all the way and have zombies too?) but I’ve got to say that the idea of teaming up high quality actors like Robert  Downey  Jr. as Sherlock and  Jude  Law as Watson makes me think that this film might be a bit better than I’d expect.

I also like the idea of playing with the roles by making Holmes scruffy and Watson into less of a bumbling fool. Now of course looking at this trailer the film can go either way, although I’d have to have it on my “should see list” until proven otherwise. This film won’t be out until Christmas time, but here’s the first trailer and the poster from the film to give you more of a taste:

Holmes film poster with Robert Downey Jr.


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