The New Improved AstroBoy Has Machine Guns in His Butt

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 27, 2009 in Animation |

This is the third trailer for AstroBoy, yeah there’s a quick shot of Tezuka (at the 1:18 mark) if you don’t blink or get distracted by the bad voice acting. But what pains me is the poor animation I’m seeing here. The danger of doing 3D animation is that you put yourself up against Pixar unless you are doing something very different, and for something that’s very different (it is suppose to anime, no?) this looks like a 2nd rate Ice Age straight-to-video project. Of course the real problem from what little I’m seeing here looks like the script, if you can’t get that all the money you throw at the screen won’t improve anything.

Of course I hope I’m wrong! I’d love to see AstroBoy make a comeback all these years later, but my fear is that like Speed Racer we’ll get a big band followed by a whimper. Instead of trying to get one film right this studio is already working on a Gatchaman film, which to me is a bad sign. It’s hard enough for an A+ studio to get their first film right, never mind getting the second into production.

Below: A poorly done 3D Tezuka looks on in horror as his prized character is ruined.

AstroBoy: They even did a bad job with this 3D Tezuka design!

Below: Here’s a Hayao Miyazaki tribute, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!

AstroBoy: Here's a Hayao Miyazaki tribute, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!

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