The Hernandez Brothers are Still Stuck in the 80s (Thank God!)

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 18, 2009 in Comic Books |

Citizen Rex #5

I don’t have the slightest clue how Citizen Rex escaped my attention, but now I feel that makes it my job to draw attention to this wonderful sci fi themed comic book mini series. But first we need to go back a few decades in time to the 80s: Back then a bit of a revolution was going on in the comic book field, lead by RAW Magazine some very talented artists shook up the field and decided to show that it could be a real art firm. Out were the typical superhero comics that owned newsstands and in came graphic novels and interesting illustrational techniques.

Love and Rockets #1 And brother let me tell you that the Hernandez brothers (Mario, Jamie and Gilbert) were a big part of this change: The comic book Love and Rockets by Jamie and Gilbert was a badly needed breath of fresh air. The series came to an end in 1996, but since then the brothers have done some great work and Citizen Rex is the latest chapter. Rex is a collaboration between Mario who did the writing and Gilbert who also contributed to the writing and did all of the illustrations. Shown above is the latest cover from issue #5 which will come out on November 11th — and below is the cover and three interior pages from issue #1 which came out at the end of July:

By the way please take note that these pages below are in vivid BLACK & WHITE! It really adds to the feeling of surrealism in this sci fi punk world that they’re portraying:

Citizen Rex #1: Page 1

Citizen Rex #1: Page 2

Citizen Rex #1: Page 3

Here’s the cover for issue #2 which will come out this week on August 19th (I really love that robots vs. punks motif on the bottom and the reference to Spock is great):

Citizen Rex #2

Issue #3 won’t be out until September 16th: Isn’t thiis Jetsons meets mobsters illustration great?

Citizen Rex #3

And here’s is the cover of issue #4 which reminds me of a scene from Blade Runner (this issue comes out on October 14th, 2009):

Citizen Rex #4

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