Milk: It Does the 80s Good!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 26, 2009 in Animation, Television |

I could be wrong but I think this amazing 1986 ad for milk may have been done by Colossal Pictures, which was a San Francisco production company that did a great deal of amazing work back in the day (tons of work for MTV and the like which would always feature a collage of live action and animation).

What makes this spot so great is that it really captures the look and sound of the 80s — you can really feel the MTV inspiration when looking at every frame. I really love the touch of the animated penguins that are used through out the spot — and then there’s that great break dancing routine at the 20 second mark. The other cool thing is that the entire commercial is shot on a sets, giving a very quirky feeling to the production. Here’s another spot from the same campaign:

And here’s another spot from around the same time which doesn’t quite feature the same high quality production values, but on the positive side the spot of ripping off the Adam Ant song Goody Two Shoes:


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