Does Your Health Insurance Include Robot Bear Coverage?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 29, 2009 in Tech |

Is it me or do you get the feeling that the team that designed the RIBA Robotic Assistance Bear had the entire robot designed — but then only after the fact slapped a moe looking bear head on the poor creature just to get some press? And as much as I love bears from a marketing point of view I just don’t think of them as a nurses best friend!

RIBA Robotic Assistance Bear in action!

Also I don’t want to down talk RIBA, but frankly the patient patients shown in the video (and photo above) are on the thin side of the weight spectrum. If you really want to prove the worth of a robot bear in a hospital setting you need to show the cyber ursine scooping up an obese heart attack victim who’s still clutching his Big Mac and fries.

RIBA Robotic Assistance Bear

I guess for me it comes down to the fact that robot bear looks a bit too prim and proper to be getting his paws dirty when push comes to shove (which isn’t to say that robot bear isn’t cute, because he/she/it is very cute indeed!).

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