Elephantmen #21: These Pachyderms Pack a Punch

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 8, 2009 in Comic Books |

Elephantmen #21: Cover illustration by Boo Cook and Ian Churchill

With the story by Richard Starkings and the art by Boo Cook I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with the contestant high quality I’ve seen in the Elephantmen series from day one. Firstly the challenge of making cartoon elephants get past their Dumbo heritage and into ass kicking mode is an amazing challenge on its own. And here Boo Cook passes the test with flying colors as elephants are turned into action heroes. Cook does this with a combination of stellar draftsmanship, dramatic layouts and packing the page with loving detail. Issue #21 of Elephantmen is out this Wednesday and looks like it’s worth the price of admission:

Elephantmen #21: Page 1

Elephantmen #21: Page 2

Elephantmen #21: Page 3

Elephantmen #21: Page 4

Elephantmen #21: Page 5

Elephantmen #21: Page 6

Elephantmen #21: Page 7

Elephantmen #21: Page 8

Elephantmen #21: Page 9


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