Olympus: Christian Ward’s Polytheism is Bloody Fun

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 7, 2009 in Comic Books |

Olympus #4: Cover illustration by Christian Ward

Published by Image Comics Olympus #4 comes out this Wednesday and once again I find myself surprised that I’ve overlooked a really good book. Illustrated by Christian Ward Olympus is a boldly modern take on ancient Greek mythology. The art direction of the book vaguely reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz in terms of layout and color, although his illustrational technique is much more sketchy. And of course the story by Nathan Edmonson is very very violent, which means that this is not a book for the little tykes — although for us adults it’s an intense trip:

Olympus #4: Page 1

Olympus #4: Page 2

Olympus #4: Page 3

Olympus #4: Page 4

Olympus #4: Page 5

…and here’s he official description of this issue:

“In the harrowing finale, Castor and Pollux come together on the island of Crete to face Pelops at Demeter’s temple. Realizing their only chance for saving the daughter of the goddess and stopping Pelops’ savage desires lies caged in the Underworld, the brothers must trust each other beyond all reason and make a choice that will yield either salvation or disaster. With the Gemini’s abilities and relationship put under the fiercest of tests, the story climaxes to a new height of action that will either forge the brother’s relationship with new strength or rend them apart forever.”


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