Burns for Mayor of NYC: An Official Fanboy.com Endorsement

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 4, 2009 in Animation, Fandom |

Burns for Mayor

While wandering through the streets of Manhattan today I came across this brilliant Simpsons themed poster making fun of the current race for Mayor which features Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns. Behind this humorous campaign (official website here) is a serious message: That despite how good of a mayor Bloomberg may be, many folks are quite upset (including yours truly) that he eliminated term limits without a public vote. Adding to this irony is also the fact that Bloomberg came in as a result of terms which drove Rudy Giuliani from office right after 9/11.

Burns for Mayor

What I really love about this campaign is that it’s taking street art to make a very serious statement with the use of humor. The website for the campaign includes a wide range of proposals including selling off Staten Island, building a nuclear power plant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a police campaign to eliminate hipsters. In addition to the website for Burns there’s also a Facebook group than welcomes voters.

Burns for Mayor

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