Cyborg 009: December ’09 is Your Last Chance to Celebrate 009

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 31, 2009 in Animation, Comic Books |

Cyborg 099 cover for an insert of the Dec. 2009 HyperHobby magazine

The December issue of HyperHobby magazine has a special treat for old school anime fanboys: A special supplement cover that features Cyborg 009! For those of you who may not know it Cyborg 009 started as a manga in 1964, there was an anime film in 1966 and a series in 1968 but the 1979 anime series really put the show on the map. Here’s the black-and-white intro from the first series, which still hold up pretty well:

And here’s the cover HyperHobby magazine which might also be a treat for anyone into Japanese toys:

HyperHobby magazine December 2009

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