G-Man: Giarrusso Generates Giggles

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 18, 2009 in Comic Books |

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 - Cover Illustration

There’s a warm quality to both the writing a visual style of Chris Giarrusso’s work that reminds me of a humerous fanzine strip shared between good friends. Part of what makes G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 work so well is that while most comic books split the writing and art responsibilities, in the great tradition of New Yorker cartoons Giarrusso is wearing both hats — so the drawing acts as a natural extention to the writing. Also because the drawing style is rough and scratchy you get a silly look which reminds me of an American version of a chan-styled manga:

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 page 1

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 page 2

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 page 3

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 page 4

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 page 5

G-Man: Cape Crisis #4 goes on sale today at a fine comic book shop near you.


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