Star Wars: An Invasion of Good Taste

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 4, 2009 in Comic Books, Star Wars |

Star Wars: Invasion #5 Cover by Jo Chen

Shown above is the beautiful cover for Star Wars: Invasion #5 by illustrator Jo Chen which comes out today. What I really love about the folks who license Star Wars is that they allow their artists a high degree of creative freedom to work within the brand and they always seem to pull of a high level of quality. So if you didn’t know that the cover was a Star Wars anything you’d still be impressed with it; to me that says so much about how much they care about the product. Below are a few of the interior pages by Colin Wilson which also look great — there’s no bait-and-switch which you see all the time with other titles:

Star Wars: Invasion #5 Page 1

Star Wars: Invasion #5 Page 2

Star Wars: Invasion #5 Page 3


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