Superheroes Sans Capes? A Strangely Refreshing Comic Book!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 3, 2009 in Comic Books |

Strange #2 Cover Illustration

Somehow I overlooked the first issue of Who is Stephen Strange? but the second issue is due out this Thursday and is worth a look. As a manga fan I always dread how Marvel is still married to always having superheroes prance around in capes — well Strange is a refreshing departure from this cliché. For starters our protagonist is a young lady who’s not flying through the air in tights — instead she wears normal clothing and uses her superpowers with discretion. I’m very impressed with the story that Mark Waid has come up with, and Emma Rios has done an ace job bringing these characters to life in the interiors of the book:

Strange #2 page 1

Strange #2 page 2

Strange #2 page 3

Strange #2 page 4

Strange #2 page 5

Strange #2 page 6

Strange #2 is published by Marvel and will hit the streets today!


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