This Holiday Season Please Support Your Local Bookshop

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 22, 2009 in Pulp Fiction |

The Strand bookstore from back in the day

There’s only a few days left before Christmas, but if you’re still doing your shopping please consider supporting your local independent bookstore or comic book shop. The recession has hit these folks hard and they need your love more now than ever before. Of course if there’s only a big chain bookstore near you, please go there as you’ll be helping the publishing business as a whole as well as giving the gift of reading.

You know each year as fanboys and fangurls we vote with our dollars, so when you help a small publisher or an indie bookstore you’re encouraging a more diverse marketplace. Sadly so much of publishing is dominated by stars who put their picture on a cover to sell copies, and this has the sad impact of pushing those books that have something interesting to say off the shelves.

So if you hate homogenized media take your time to make a difference this season. The side benefit of this is that books make great gifts as you can match them to the personality of the person whom you’re giving a gift to. In fact the person doesn’t even need to be a veracious reader as there are plenty of coffee table books to please the eye. So please spread the love that is bibliomania…

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