Kick Ass is Quite Kawaii

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 26, 2010 in Comic Books |

Kick Ass #8 - cover

If you’re a manga fan looking for an American comic book to check out I’d highly recommend Kick Ass #8 which will be available this Wednesday. At first glance one might confuse the moe character designs in this book as a Marvel title aimed at kids — but there’s too much splatter going on which is one of the fun things that anime fans would instantly love:

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 2

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 3

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 4

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 5

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 6

Kick Ass #8 - pg. 7 and 8

Marvel currently has plans to make a live action film based upon this series which will either be an amazing hit or quickly forgotten — which is all the more reason to get into this book before Hollywood invades your mindspace with their take on this book.


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