Sean Cooke Cooks Up a Seaworthy Star Wars Cover

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 10, 2010 in Comic Books, Star Wars |

Star Wars Legacy #47 cover illustration by Sean Cooke

Back in the day science fiction book covers always looked realistic while comic book covers looked like — well comic books! However the last few years that has faded away and comic book covers remind me more and more of the good old days of paperbacks: Except unlike paperbacks the format is even larger. So I was blown away with the quality of this cover by art by Sean Cooke for Star Wars Legacy #47.

His composition, dramatic lighting and detail are a joy to look at, and remind me of a film poster. I also love how he pulls off the occasional laser blast without looking too corny — which is hard to do in a painterly format. This issue goes on sale on April 28th, and while I’d hope the insides are just as good the $3 might be worth it just for the cover art.

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