The First YouTube Comic Book

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 8, 2010 in Comic Books, Tech |

Forgetless #2 - The first comic book to use an youtube interface

Not so long ago I started to notice a few comics were incorporating either Twitter or IM interface elements into their page layout in an attempt to be hip. Well Forgetless #2 takes this trend a step further by having three pages that are done as a faux YouTube video. Just to make sure they’re hitting the right demographics the story features the exploits of a failed t-shirt maker — now if it had been me, I’d have an Etsy craft nerd in the lead role:

Forgetless #2 - cover art

Forgetless #2 - page 1

Forgetless #2 - page 2

Forgetless #2 - page 3

Forgetless #2 - page 4

Forgetless #2 - page 5

Forgetless #2 - page 6

Forgetless #2 - page 7

Forgetless #2 - page 8

Forgetless #2 - page 9

On another inauthentic note the comic book is set on the lower east side — and I can tell you for a fact that hipsters haven’t been able to afford to live in the LES for over ten years at least (unless they are upper level trustifarians).

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