The White Whale of Mu: An Anime Version of Moby Dick is Restored

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 8, 2010 in Animation |

The White Whale of Mu

26 episodes of the The White Whale of Mu (ムーの白鯨) were produced by TMS in 1980 — I suspect the water theme from this vintage anime sci fi series owed a great deal to Space Battleship Yamato. Thanks to Matsumoto putting retro hardware like sailing ships (Captain Harlock) and trains (Galaxy Express 999) was all the rage, so why not Moby Dick? So it looks like TMS which produced the show is now putting out a restored version for retro anime fans (you can look on to buy it):

To be honest having been an anime fan during this era the series wasn’t that huge. Although it’s nice to see TMS going back into their archives and restoring their back catalog of titles and putting them out there. I also like the fact that they’re going back and recording interviews with the original staff that worked on the series — animation is a very anonymous art and the animators deserve to be seen. Here’s a fan made trailer for the series:


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