This Isn’t Science Fiction: Meet Two Real Life Spaceship Flying Heroes

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 5, 2010 in Science |

Commander Eileen CollinsHaving grown up watching science fiction shows you get the feeling that you’re not looking at a real spaceship crew unless there’s a lot of adrenaline being thrown about. However the reality is much different as real world astronauts are quite a cool quite group — more Spock than Kirk if you know what I mean. NASA produced these two short videos which give a nice glimpse at some of these unsung pioneers who deserve to be household names. Shown above is Eileen Marie Collins who was the first woman to pilot a space shuttle and below is Guion “Guy” Bluford, Jr. who was the the first African American in space back in 1983:

Guion BlufordGuion Bluford joined NASA with the 8th group of astronauts in 1978 who were known as the TFNG (Thirty-Five New Guys) and Eileen Collins was a part of NASA Astronaut Group 13 who were known as “The Hairballs” back in 1990. Both Guion and Eileen are retired now, but this fanboy thinks that they deserve just a little bit of limelight.


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