Is Procrastination Squandering Star Trek’s Success?

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Spock on Planning

Back in the day you’d only think about doing a sequel if a film was a cut above everything else — however these days if you’re a studio who is investing huge sums of money to get it right you plan to shoot several films at a time. Lucas did this with Star Wars in 1999, and the Matrix and Lord the Rings used the same formula. So you’d think if you were an executive at Paramount and you had J.J. Abrams signed up you wouldn’t be producing a one shot? Well that bet would be incorrect — and the next Trek film won’t be due out until 2012 at this rate.

Zachary Quinto as SpockSo you’d think that after the success of the first Paramount would be racing to at least have something lined up sooner? Well that’s just not the case. According to an interview in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly it looks like Zachary Quinto will be able to take a Spock holiday because the writing team won’t even have anything ready until December! Here’s a quote from the interview which is painful to read:

How’s the movie sequel coming? [The writing team is] probably sequestered in a room somewhere. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they’re coming up with. The next stage will be actually drafting the script. It’s a long process so I don’t expect to have anything to read until the end of the year.

McCoy on Shore Leave

Above: I guess in between films us fans will just have to imagine how the crew of the Enterprise is spending their shore leave.

I’d hope at least the team is working on several films if they’re taking that much time. It’s amazing for me to think that the original series only lasted three years, which is the same amount of time it takes to make two films.

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