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Turf #2 Variant Cover By David LaFuente

I know it’s a gimmick aimed at collectors, yet I love the concept of variant cover illustrations for comic books. And with three variant covers Turf #2 is a good example of this: Each cover has a very different entertaining take on the theme of aliens and the roaring twenties. The above cover is by David LaFuente reminds me a great deal of a shoujo manga, while the illustration below by Bernard Chang has a nice subtle art deco feel to it:

Turf #2 Variant Cover By Bernard Chang

The two covers below are by Tommy Lee Edwards who actually worked on the interior of the book, I hate to say it but his variant above is much more interesting than the actual cover below it:

Turf #2 Variant Sketch Cover By Tommy Lee Edwards

Turf #2 Cover Illustration by Tommy Lee Edwards

Turf #2 is published by Image and will be out in May. Here’s an overview of the plot (I love the idea of combining historical fiction with sci fi themes):

“The Dragonmir Vampire Clan has all but succeeded in wiping out the the Gangsters who run 1920s New York. Only mobster Eddie Falco stands in their way. Bloody, bruised and on the run, he finds an unlikely ally in the form of the interplanetary smuggler known as Squeed. But can even the brother from another planet turn the crimson tide? Hard-boiled pulp action from start to finish!”


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