The Well Deserved Buzz on Buzzard

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 16, 2010 in Comic Books |

Buzzard #1 (of 3) cover by Eric Powell

Thanks to the goodness of Goon there is no wrong that Eric Powell can do in my mind — which is why I’m looking ahead to Buzzard which is a comic book miniseries that goes on sale on June 9th. Shown above is a cover by Powell and below is an alternative cover by Richard Corben:

Buzzard #1 (of 3) alternate cover by Richard Corben

Here’s a description of the series from Dark Horse:

“The mysterious man known as Buzzard is lost, wondering what manner of creature he is, following his brutal showdown with the loathsome Zombie Priest in Eric Powell’s celebrated Goon Year. Buzzard leaves home, wandering into the shadowy spirit realm of the forest. A dark path leads to a village living in fear of a bestial race of savages. More animal than man, these creatures hunt the villagers and drag them from their slumber in the depth of night.”


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