Dead Ahead is Dead On Delicious

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 2, 2010 in Comic Books |

Dead Ahead #3 - Cover

I really love the draftsmanship in Dead Ahead #3 which comes out this Wednesday — the entire look of the comic book reminds me of a dancing combination of something you might see in a Wally Wood EC Comic mixed with a healthy dose of German Expressionism and just a dash of Goya. The credit for the artwork on this book belongs to Alex Nino and Moose Baumann who have done a wonderful job with the layout, it’s like they’ve taken the typical angular panels you see in Japanese manga and taken it to a new level of complexity. Add to that a plot focused on four thousand flesh hungry zombies and you’ve got a real winner:

Dead Ahead #3 - page 1

Dead Ahead #3 - page 2

Dead Ahead #3 - page 3

Dead Ahead #3 - page 4

Dead Ahead #3 - page 5


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