IllustStudio: A Modern Update on Japanese Art Books

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 12, 2010 in Comic Books |

IllustStudio cover

I first discovered the joy of Japanese anime and manga themed art books while I was in art school — and I have to admit that even though these books are always expensive I have yet to regret ever buying one. The reason is that as an artist I always find myself learning from these books and looking at them years later. IllustStudio Perfect Master is a good example of this genre — it’s a collection of a wide range of illustrators who are each given a page in this volume. From what I can gather each artist in the book is using the software package IllustStudio — and the nice thing about this book is that it also includes a bonus CD-ROM which includes a movie of each artist using the software in action. So it’s almost as good as being an apprentice for a Japanese manga illustrator.

IllustStudio: Watsuki Nobuhiro

IllustStudio: Aki

IllustStudio: Toriumi Mihoko

IllustStudio: Morihuzi Eiko

IllustStudio: Kawachi Mika

IllustStudio: Tom

IllustStudio: Koresawa Shigeyuki

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