Deliciously Detailed Star Wars Droids

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 2, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Wars |

Real Action Heroes Star Wars R2-D2

Medicom Toy is one of the cooler Japanese hobby companies which has an beautiful series of super realistically rendered figurines known as Real Action Heroes. This series is based upon well known licensed media properties and in the past they’ve put out figures for everything from Dragonball Z to Indian Jones. And they have just branched into Star Wars — shown above is the Real Action Heroes #494 Star Wars R2-D2 and shown below is the Real Action Heroes #493 Star Wars C-3PO:

Real Action Heroes Star Wars C-3PO

The R2 unit is a bit over six inches tall and is able to turn his dome head and his legs are adjustable. Also included are LED lights which are a nice added touch, of course batteries aren’t included. C-3PO also features LED lights and all of his limbs can be posed. Of course these toys aren’t too cheap: R2-D2 is priced at $189 and C-3PO is $209 (I assume that the extra cost for C-3PO has to do more with his complexity than popularity).

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