Put the Doom Back in Doom 3 With This Classic Mod

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Apr 22, 2010 in Horror, Videogames |

Of all the PC games I played in the 90s, very few stand out in my mind as having revolutionized their genres, but Doom easily makes that list. I have fond memories of wading through level after level of demons and beasts with little more than an arsenal of guns, and strategically placed health packs. I still find myself playing the occasional first person shooter, but few games really capture the magic I experienced that first time, and thanks to the Doom 3 mod community, I finally have a chance to relive those fond memories.

The mod in question provides a complete graphical overhaul for the original shareware episode, Knee-Deep in the Dead. Using the Doom 3 engine, the modders were able to include dynamic lighting, and beautifully rendered visuals — at least, in comparison to the original game. The most impressive part, however, would be that the gameplay remains seemingly intact despite all of this. To see for yourself, check out the video above for a quick play-through of the first level. For more information, check out the download page here.

Classic Doom 3 - 1

Classic Doom 3 - 2

Classic Doom 3 - 3

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