A Tea Sampler That’ll Speak to Your Inner-geek

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 27, 2010 in Fandom, Star Trek |

Timmy's Tea Sampler

Who hasn’t made a cup of Earl Grey, and imagined themselves ordering it from a replicator? It might not be as instantaneous, but ThinkGeek’s Timmy the Monkey now has his own tea sampler set that features, among others, Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. I’m not even kidding — that’s what they’re actually calling their Earl Grey. It’s even labeled with the iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation typeface. Other flavors include Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green, Zombie Blood Orange, and Pirate Chai, but honestly, I’m sold on the novelty of the Earl Grey alone. Each of the four containers hold enough loose-leaf tea to make 10 cups. It’s a bit steep for $17.99, but given the fact that it’s all loose-leaf and not the cheap stuff you find in modern teabags, at least you know you’re going to be getting some quality tea out of it. For more info, check out their site here.

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