Hellcity: A Heavenly Action Packed Trip

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 1, 2010 in Comic Books |

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) cover illustration

In July Image Comics will be publishing Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) which is a collection of the three volumes in the series. If you haven’t seen this book it’s well worth checking out: For starters what makes it stand out is the entire comic is drawn in beautiful black and white. This allows Joe Flood’s draftsmanship to really dominate the page in much the same way that you see with a good Japanese manga. What I like about his style is that it sort of has a 1940s look to it with a bit of hip hop and MTV’s Liquid Television thrown in for fun. Also like a good manga Joe really understands layout — so you feel like you’re watching an action film, each panel throws you to the next with a punch. His style is also very fluid and slightly cartoony, so you feel like you’re looking at animation in motion as opposed to overly posed characters:

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) page 1

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) page 2

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) page 3

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) page 4

Hellcity (The Whole Damn Thing) will be out on July 21st.


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