This C-3PO Backpack Shows Us the Perfect Use For a Protocol Droid

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 20, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Wars |

c3po backpack 3

This is yet another example of why I love The Empire Strikes Back so much. I’d point out how Shakespearean the film was — being a tragedy and all — but plot aside, it’s inspired so many awesome products. Take this amazing backpack for example. Sure it was sad to see C-3PO strapped to Chewbacca’s back, but whoever thought to turn him into a portable storage device was a genius. The backpack actually comes with light up eyes and the ability to reassemble the droid, should you feel the need.

Unfortunately the backpack, seems to be sold out at the moment, but you’re welcome to sign up to be notifed as soon as ThinkGeek has them in stock. I should also point out that they’re asking $60 for it. That might seem a bit steep, especially considering that for $40 more, you could get your own wampa rug, but how many backpacks have you ever seen that can actually assemble into a droid? I rest my case.

c3po backpack 2

c3po backpack 1


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