Nothing Warms a Rebel Base Quite Like Your Very Own Wampa Rug

Posted by Tim Sheehy on May 18, 2010 in Hobbies and Collections, Star Wars |

Wampa Rug & Leia

It’s probably not as warm as the insides of a Tauntaun, but now you can own your very own Wampa rug straight from the icy caverns of Hoth. Sure, it might be synthetic fur, and have claws of vinyl, but what would you expect for a fictional beast? Besides, it’s not like your friends have ever encountered one in person and lived to tell about it. The rugs will start to ship out this August, retailing for $99.99 each.  I’m not really sure how fast they’ll sell, but if you want, is currently taking pre-orders — now, if only they’d toss in Leia.

Wampa Rug

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