Japanese Star Trek: The Next Generation Action Figures

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Japanese Data Figure

Ever wonder what Data would look like if he were built in Japan? Well, now we know thanks to Dragon Models’ upcoming line of Star Trek: The Next Generation 1/6th scale action figures. The android is joined by Captain Picard and what appears to be Lieutenant Worf circa season 3 — you can obviously tell by the uniform and hair.  To be honest, I’m not loving what they did with Worf, but they managed to capture Sir Patrick Stewart’s visage quite nicely. As for Data himself? Well, the tilt of his head was a nice touch.

I can’t help but feel we were robbed by the lack of Commander Riker, though. After all, these are suppose to be action figures and he was “Action Man,” or at least, that’s what we used to call him when we’d play Star Trek drinking games — for the record, any time he was “Action Man,” it called for a drink. Any ways, I’ve digressed — the toys feature authentically crafted uniforms that use actual fabric and each toy comes equipped with an accessory. I was also hoping Picard would come with a flute, but he doesn’t.  The figures are currently set to release next month and are available for preorder via Hobby Link Japan for around $142 USD.

Japanese Picard Figure

Japanese Worf Figure

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