The Founding of the Avengers, In Brief

Posted by Gia Manry on Jun 13, 2010 in Comic Books |

Tony Stark is unhappy with the direction his IRC channel is taking.

…And by “brief,” we mean “IRC.” Based on the original comics’ founding, not the movie version.

* Now talking in #Avengers
* The_Hulk joins #Avengers
* Ant-Man joins #Avengers
* Wasp joins #Avengers
* Thor joins #Avengers
* Iron_Man joins #Avengers
<Thor> Whew! Thanks for that help with Loki, guys.
<Ant-Man> NP.
<Iron_Man> np
<Wasp> no prob!!
<The_Hulk> wlknra34ti
<Iron_Man> LOL, does the Hulk know how to type?
<Wasp> he dose he jus cant his fingers r 2 big!!!
* Ant-Man is now known as Giant-Man
<Thor> Uh, WTF?
<Iron_Man> Cool name btw, Wasp.
<Wasp> thanx!!
<The_Hulk> SpofD@#* alfdj woekz
<Thor> That's too funny.
<Wasp> lol it kinda iz
<Giant-Man> Come on, guys, be nice.
<The_Hulk> ..........................................
* The_Hulk has left #Avengers
<Iron_Man> Oops.
<Wasp> o shit!!!!!!
<Giant-Man> I told you guys!
<Thor> Kinda sensitive, isn't he?
<Wasp> wut do we do now?!?!
<Giant-Man> Let me see if I can convince him to come back...
<Iron_Man> Nahhh, I know a guy. Hang on a sec.
Captain_America has been invited to #Avengers
* Captain_America has joined #Avengers
<Thor> Hey!
<Captain_America> Um. Hi.
* Iron_Man sets mode +o Captain_America
<Wasp> SWEET!!!!!
<Giant-Man> Hi, Captain_America.
<Iron_Man> Dude, I think I just gave you founder status on the channel. Well, whatever. Wanna invite anyone else?

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