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HinakoYou can talk all you want about what you think is the biggest anime surprise to occur in the last year. For me, that debate starts and ends with the popularity of Hinako. Produced by Primastea and launched in the spring of 2009, Training with Hinako became a hit with fans for reasons I’ve chosen not to think about too much. A few months later the sequel, Sleeping with Hinako, became another surprise hit. It’s now being reported that the studio is going to strike while the iron is still hot and release a third Hinako feature for fans to enjoy privately.

When the first title was announced I scoffed at the premise but now I have to applaud the studio. They’ve proven that this can be successful and at this point there are no limits as to where they could take it in the future. Unfortunately we still don’t know what kind of activity fans will be sharing with Hinako this time around but in the meantime I’ve come up with a few suggestions:


Bathing with Hinako: This one is a little tougher without a steam friendly bathroom TV but think about it; it’s been a long hard day of doing nothing and you’re ready to soak away the days stress. What better company than Hinako? I mean, besides a real girl who could wash your back and drop the soap.

Anime with Hinako: Tired of watching anime all by yourself? Well, Hinako is there to watch along with you while giving various generic reactions. Memorize which reactions come where and you can even make it so that she’s laughing along with you. Always a bonus while watching that latest otaku comedy that no one really understands but hardcore nerds anyway.


So what do you want to eat for dinner tonight?

Eating with Hinako: This one is obvious. I’ve seen the pictures that flood 2ch whenever otaku celebrate the birthdays of their favorite characters, why wouldn’t they enjoy sitting down to dinner with Hinako? Various disc chapters could easily include a variety of meals as she makes small talk with the viewer and asks them how their day went while absentmindedly nodding along to the conversation. Course the downside here is that her meals will always look better than the instant crap from the corner shop you’re eating.

Rejection with Hinako: All the fun of being rejected by a real girl because you’re too creepy but softened thanks to her being an animated character.

Dancing with Hinako: Possibly the closest thing to a nightclub some lonely otaku might get but put her into a variety of traditional or modern settings and Hinako will have viewers up and dancing the night away in no time. Along that same note, lots of people have gotten into Para Para dancing so why not do it along with her?


I don’t care how limited edition it is! You spent HOW MUCH on this figma?

Taxes with Hinako: Ooh, it’s that dreaded time of the year when the tax man is a-knockin at your door. In this sequel, Hinako helps ease the burden by going through receipts and berating you for spending that much on your figure collection.

Video Games with Hinako: There’s already an app to take Hinako out with you, how difficult could it be to integrate that into your favorite multiplayer video game? Downside: fragile male egos everywhere could be bruised as she completely pwns your ass.


Ooh, you were serious about wearing that outside? No, it’s a good choice. Really.

Dressing with Hinako: Some guys are lucky and are gifted with the born ability to dress themselves/coordinate an outfit. Some have to work at it but eventually learn through trial and error. What if you don’t belong to either category? Well Hinako will be happy to sit on the floor watching you dress while waiting to give you her big thumbs up. Who needs some real life woman trying to dress you up into something you’re not when Hinako would be happy to tell you that your Rei Ayanami t-shirt is actually a genius choice to go shopping in.

Holidays with Hinako: This strikes me as another obvious choice but why not release a holiday feature meant to be busted out every year? From what I’ve been led to believe, Christmas is more of a couple holiday in Japan so how about a sequel featuring her decorating for a party, serving the Christmas cake and then giving you a present (which you’ve creepily bought and wrapped yourself) to unwrap? Bonus: Hinako in sexy santa cosplay!

Cleaning with Hinako: Once again, possibly the closest some otaku will actually get to a real chore but it’d be nice to pretend like you have a busty anime character cleaning your apartment. Course than there’s the inevitable moment of dread when you turn off the DVD and see that your place is still covered with instant ramen packages and take out boxes.

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