What Does Anime Look Like Next Year? Here’s a Preview!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 10, 2010 in Animation |

Eiichiro Oda "ONE PIECE" Calendar

Yes I know that the furthest thing from your mind is celebrating a happy new year — but for hardcore otaku in Japan it’s the season to start thinking about which anime calendar to select for 2011! Shown here are a preview of a few of the calendars which will be available for pre-orders in Japan on September 26th. Shown above is One Piece and below is Naruto:

Masashi Kishimoto "NARUTO - Naruto -" Calendar

This is a Tite Kubo Bleach calendar:

Tite Kubo "BLEACH" Calendar

Here’s a Gintama calendar:

Britain autumn Sorachi "Gintama" Calendar

This is a calendar for Hitman Reborn:

Amano Akira "Hitman REBORN!" Calendar

This is the calendar for Sket Dance:

Shinohara Kenta "SKET DANCE" Calendar

This is the calendar for Nurari Nurarihyon No Grandchildren:

Hiroshi 椎橋 "Nurari Nurarihyon no grandchildren." Calendar

And here’s a calendar for D.Gray-man:

Hoshino Katsura "D.Gray-man" Calendar

Found via natalie.mu.

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