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Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 8, 2010 in Comic Books |

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 cOver

The second issue of X-Force: Sex and Violence will be out this Wednesday and I have to say that the artwork by Gabrielle Del’otto is some of the best work that Marvel is producing lately. Gabrielle has broken away from the pen-and-ink outline tradition of comics and every panel of this book is an action packed painting. The added realism also breaks up the absurd look of superheroes prancing around in their tights which makes so many Marvel and DC titles look laughable. In additional to that Gabrielle has taken the Japanese manga layout of pane placement to heart making each page a treat to look at:

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 - pg. 2 of 6

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 - pg. 3 of 6

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 - pg. 4 of 6

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 - pg. 5 of 6

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2 - pg. 6 of 6

My only regret about this book is that it’s aimed for an older audience — I really wish that Marvel would do something this vivid for a younger audience: I think it would get more kids into comics.


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