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Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 26, 2010 in Comic Books, Tech |

Tta me!-4 frame and enjoy Twitter: a twitter themed manga cover

The tech fanboy in me loves this: Tta me! is a four-frame comic that’s been published as a proper full volume. The manga isn’t so much a Twitter how-to book but rather focuses on the social media service as a comedic/romantic plot device. Tta me! is written by Kawamura Kazuhiro and illustrated by Ajiko Kozima — and it’s available at Amazon.jp here.

It should be noted that artist Ajiko Kozima isn’t new to tech themed comics as his previous manga was Tonari no 801-chan which was a romantic story about a male otaku named Tibet and his yaoi-obsessed fujoshi girlfriend Yaoi:

Tonari no 801-chan

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