Retro-Awesome or Failure to Move On? The iPad Mac!

Posted by Gia Manry on Sep 18, 2010 in Tech |

The iPad Mac Classic: Wut?

You know, I really dug the idea of taking a gutted old Mac classic and turning it into a fishbowl; it seems like a great way to recycle and make fun of those awful aquarium screen savers at the same time.

But gutting an old Mac to use as an iPad stand? Meh. Grant you, I’m not much of an Apple fan to begin with, but I’ve used all those stand-up touch screens at stores and it’s awkward. You seriously want to try using the keyboard on that thing?

And somehow, the retro throwback just doesn’t seem as cool somehow…I get the appeal. One of the original(ish) Mac products combined with one of its latest(ish) products. But that appeal is only going to last until something else comes out.

So, meh.

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