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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Oct 5, 2010 in Comic Books, Tech |

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These days, it seems everyone thinks they can have a web comic. I’m sure that’s probably why I don’t often read them, at least, not the ones that lack art in favor of snark. I’m not sure why, but I suppose on some fundamental level, I just object to the idea of reading witty blocks of text that could have been blogged, or otherwise printed instead of uploaded as a JPEG. And then, to call it a comic on top of that just adds insult to injury — it’s not a comic, it’s lazy. Occasionally though, these “comics”  hit the nail on the head. One such was The Oatmeal‘s recent rant about the various e-mails we deal with on a day to day basis.

Now, Some of you might even be a bit guilty of these, but let’s be honest, who hasn’t had to deal with one of these examples at some point. In my experience as a freelance writer, I’ve come across several instances on a near daily basis, and while it goes with the territory, it always causes me a headache or two. I’ve had to print and sign documents, then fax them — I know, fax? Seriously, it’s 2010, people. Half the people I know have signatures that are often longer than the body of their e-mails, and I know I’m not the only one who has friends or family who insist on cc’ing everyone they know on every e-mail they send out. If any of that sounds familiar, you’ll want to read the rest of it by clicking here.

The Oatmeal E-Mail

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