Why Is There No !%#$ing Death Star Umbrella?

Posted by Gia Manry on Oct 4, 2010 in Star Wars |

Star Destroyer Umbrella

The above photo is of an umbrella shaped like a star destroyer from Star Wars. I think. I’m not enough of a Star Wars nerd to know the difference between all these things. Anyway, it’s bizarre because it’s such an artsy-fartsy photo and it’s such a dumb shape for an umbrella. Which begs the question: where the hell is the Death Star umbrella?!

There’s a light saber umbrella. There’s this stupid thing. But there’s no Death Star umbrella. Here’s what it would look like if there was.

Death Star Umbrella

There should also be a Yoda umbrella with little Yoda ears and maybe even a little tuft of hair.

Yoda Umbrella

Get on that boat, Lucas! Get there now!

Via One More Gadget.

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