iBooks Users Experiencing Issues With Their Latest Update

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Dec 16, 2010 in Tech |


Those of you with an iDevice may have noticed the recently released update for your iBooks app. Apple pushed their 1.2 update on the 15th, allowing users to view fully-illustrated children’s books, cook books, reference guides, and more. Personally, I can’t wait to download some photography books, though I imagine they’ll probably take up signifigantly more space on my hard drive — a small price to pay, or is it?   

The app now allows users to print pdfs and notes via AirPrint, though I imagine that functionality is probably limited to Mac users. Finally,  for those of you who find mixing your fiction and non-fiction rather unseemly, the update allows you to create collections in order to help organize your books. That all sounds swell, right?

Well, it would seem some users have been complaining about issues they’ve been experiencing since the update. Amongst the reviews I’ve read, the complaints range from PDF covers sharing the same image — one cover, many books — to entire libraries being rearranged. As you can probably imagine, this may pose a problem for users with over 100 titles in their collection. Then of course, there are the users who claim the app is crashing constantly, though that seems to be on a case by case basis — mine’s been working fine.

While it remains to be seen whether Apple plans on releasing another patch anytime soon to address the issues, if you haven’t already updated, it may be worth your time to wait.

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