Scott Bakula: This is Behavior Unbecoming a Starfleet Officer!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 26, 2010 in Star Trek |

Scott Backula

Look William Shatner survived the long lean years when nobody cared about Star Trek, so he’s entitled to do whatever he likes (including cash in) — because he’s earned the fanboy seal of approval. But as for you Scott Bakula: Shame on you! You sully your Starfleet rank when you engage in a comedy series about middle aged men who are search of their lost youth. Damn it man you should be out there flying starships instead of hanging out with a collection of antiques! Scott I beg of you — get your command back before you become an antique…

Men of a Certain Age

No Scott, doing a comedy show isn’t funny!

Men of a Certain Age

Scott she’s just not that into you!

Men of a Certain Age

No Scott we don’t want to watch you watching television — we want you to be fighting aliens and stuff…


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