Like the Terminator Meets Starcraft

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When it comes to real-time simulations, Starcraft has pretty much cornered the market. Sure, we’ll still make a little room for the occasional game of Command & Conquer, or Civilization, as far as sales go, Blizzard’s entry reigns. They developed a title that withstood the test of time, and even captured the heart of an entire nation. I wouldn’t be surprised if South Korea named it their national sport at this point, but is there a game that can ever surpass it? Well, it seems someone might just have what it takes after all.

Indie developer Hazardous Software has spent years developing their upcoming title Achron — sounds a lot like Archon, right? At first glance, it looks like any other futuristic real-time sim. However, this one comes with a twist in the form of time travel. Wait, time travel? In real-time? Something doesn’t sound quite right there, does it. How do you time travel in a multiplayer game, in real-time? The answer is, well, everyone else who’s playing can do it too. 

Of course, it’s not like anyone can travel to any change the past without consequences. The game is balanced in a way that prevents it. Take the video below for example.  Changing the course of history uses resources and the further back you go, the more expensive it gets. While you may be changing the past, your opponent can be in the future preparing for the ultimate showdown and vice-versa. In short, it’ll add an new dimension to the game, forcing us to become far more involved. Pretty awesome, right?

The brilliant technology behind Achron has numerous applications beyond its original programming, so I’m sure we may eventually see it ported to other applications in the future. Until then however, we’ll be looking forward to the eminent release of this game. I can only hope that it’s sooner rather than later. If you’d like a copy of the game in its current alpha form, or want eventual access to their online multiplayer beta, you can order a copy on the official website by clicking here. Once you pre-order the game, you’ll have free access to the beta up until release.


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