Liked GANTZ, but Hate the Dubbing?

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Jan 26, 2011 in Cinema, Comic Books |

Gantz Fathom trailer 3

It remains to be seen as whether the advance US screening of GANTZ was a large enough success to warrant future engagements of that nature, but after being forced to sit through one of the worst dubs I’ve seen in recent history, I can completely understand if any of you may hesitate to attend one. I’m not really sure the decision to premiere the film in English was entirely the fault of any one party, or if in fact Viz Pictures, Goodman Media, or NCM Fathom were responsible for forcing the hands of the others, but there may be something each of you can do about it.

After the event took place, there was a Q&A session featuring several of the actors, one of which went on record stating that if there’s an opportunity in the future, he’d like people to hear his actual voice when watching the film. After this statement was made, several fans took to the net to organize an effort to make this happen by putting together a detailed guide on who to contact in order to make your voices heard.

Among those listed include Viz Pictures, NCM Fathom, MediaLab, Goodman Media, Dark Horse Comics. For the full list of addresses, as well as additional information, you should check the post located here. For all our sakes, I hope this little campaign proves fruitful and I wish them, and everyone of you who writes in, the best of luck.


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