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Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 3, 2011 in Videogames |

Sony NGP

Sony left many gaming  journalists scratching their heads at the end of their official announcement of their upcoming next-gen handheld. While they did a decent job showing off their new hardware, Sony failed to reveal a number of key details such as the estimated price-point — which many assume will be on the higher end of the spectrum due to the quality of the components — or the existence of multiple models, akin to what’s available for Apple’s iDevices. Kaz Hirai has since leaked a few more details that may answer some of those lingering questions. 

Will there be multiple models? The system itself seems geared specifically for use over a 3G or 4G network, but they are considering a wifi only model. It’s nice to know that we might have some options but I’m a little concerned as to how that’ll work out. The multi-model business platform didn’t really work out so well for Sony’s Ps3. There are also no plans for video out, which is understandable considering the poor sales for their PSP-2000/3000 video out cables.

The system also won’t ever function as a phone — Hirai even mentions how ridiculous it would look if someone were to attempt to use the system in that manner. Since the system is still considered a prototype, they haven’t managed to solidify the numbers for battery time, or price. Understandable, considering those components could change between now and the time of release. They did mention at the conference that it would be priced competitively, so expect it to be in the ballpark of  $250-300 since that’s what we’re looking at for Nintendo’s 3DS.

The system will use a proprietary cart format similar to the DS which will allow space for users to save data, as well as downloadable content. There will also be a spot for a memory card of some sort — they didn’t specify the specific format for the card, but I imagine it’ll probably be a memory stick pro duo, or something similar. You will be able to use any PSP games you’ve previously downloaded from the Playstation Network, so the six of you who own a PSPGo might be in luck.

Now, I realize some of you have probably seen the live streams from the conference but haven’t had a chance to view any of the videos that were shown at the event in high definition so I’ve went ahead and provided those below. Enjoy!

news via andriasang

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